If your company is no longer able to pay its debts, you will need to go through a lengthy and complex insolvency procedure and at the same time try to recover your business and establish its normal course.

If dealt with in time and with the right legal advisors, you will be able to find the best solutions for your company and also preventive measures from ever entering insolvency again, or even worse: bankruptcy.

In case you are dealing with insolvency litigations, our experienced lawyers are qualified to support you in various matters, mitigate potential risks and provide the most effective solutions for your specific case.

Our legal advisors will guide you through the whole insolvency litigation procedure and represent you at administrative, civil and insolvency courts and in out of court negotiations.

We will provide all the required professional assistance to you by pre-insolvency negations.

We are ready to investigate and design solutions for insolvency restructuring taking into consideration your special conditions and cover all possibilities.

Moreover, we can also provide complex support and assistance enacted by enforcement proceedings and debt recovery proceedings.