Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an emerging concept within the construction industry. With the increase in the utilization of BIM, it has become clear that there is some legal uncertainty in dealing with this technology.

While the technology is rapidly growing in sophistication, these legal uncertainties may be acting as obstacles on BIM’s wider adoption.

It is important that the potential users of BIM become aware of the potential legal issues and how these issues are evolving within the companies that have been using BIM to make better informed decisions.

Within this context, AEG purpose is to:

(I) provide an overview of the potential legal issues associated with BIM and

(II) present the perspectives of companies (that have been involved in projects using BIM) on those potential legal issues and their experiences.

LEG DESK  review the Model Management and other roles, Intellectual Property Rights (in parts or elements of the model) and Data Management, Reliance on data, Liabilities, Ownership of BIM process and risk management during model transfer and model ownership (final product).